Almost a BIG Oopsie

I am tweaking my plans for the upcoming week, adding assignments to the Google Classroom, and prepping other materials. In the process of doing this, I remembered something that happened last week that caused me to panic. Like intensely panic, turn red, and fumble-to-solve-the-problem-at-all-costs panic.

I created a resource for my approaching-level readers with a unit’s upcoming text. Each slide has the book’s image with a recorded reading. Great. Except, when I demoed this resource for my kiddos and the recording on that slide concluded, my computer decided to kick over to my iTunes playlists, which contain some interesting songs that probably shouldn’t be played at school.

Fortunately for my quick thinking skills, I pressed the mute button before any damage could be done. I then closed the program, like checked to make sure I clicked “quit”. Shut the laptop lid. Then took a breath. My students were fully captivated in the moment that they giggled and fortunately didn’t realize what was really happening. Ugh!

Officially making sure that doesn’t happen again!

3 thoughts on “Almost a BIG Oopsie

  1. The teacher next door a few years ago was showing a YouTube video when one of those inappropriate pictures came up on the sidebar. I taught her to use the extension “turn out the lights” so nobody can see what’s on the side of whatever you are showing. Glad you had a quick recovery!


  2. Terje

    Quick thinking. Using this incident as a slice shows that you have used self-compassion, don’t dwell on this too much, and are ready to move on.


  3. Embrace the OOPS. I’ve had a lot of them. The kids trust you and they are resilient. They usually don’t even register things like this. Things like this is all part of the fabric of teaching.


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