Coincidence? Nope, I Think Not

Every day is the same. I get in the car, ready to embark on my daily commute to school. On a typical day, I plug in my phone and the last song I jammed to hits the speakers. Lately, it’s been a rap song.

Today was not so typical.

Instead, the following songs play in the following order –

“Sound of Silence” – Disturbed

“Romeo and Juliet” – Dire Straits

“Don’t Cry” – Seal

All 3 songs have a strong significance in my life. They are tied to 3 very important people, and while relationships change, those three left very strong, positive impacts on my life.

Was this a coincidence? Nope, I think not. Why? Because today had a major event occur, and those songs reminded me that I am loved. I am supported. I am not alone. And not matter, I can do this.

2 thoughts on “Coincidence? Nope, I Think Not

  1. I was also thinking of a doing a slice about my playlists, and when/what music I listen to. Whatever you life event is, I am glad you feel supported, and have music to bring you through.


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