Power of Themes

At my son’s swim class. They switch out themes each week. Once they did construction. Another was space. This week is safari. It’s pretty cool how they turn their entire facility around to accommodate.

Starting with decals on doors and walls. Random vines spiraling from the ceilings. Cardboard pop up trees and rock structures. Swim coaches wear safari type plastic hats. Even inflatable animals are posed for a photo op. It really is neat.

Then I started thinking about my classroom. Superheroes. I’ve had this one in place for many years. I ponder each year if I should keep or start over with something new. I’m really fond of how I integrate superhero traits into my SEL lessons and classroom management. Kids really seem to understand that it’s not just wearing a cape and conquering bad guys, but rather how you treat others and act with integrity.

Even though I entertain a theme change around this time of the year, every year, I’ll probably commit to it again. Let’s face it. I have waaaaay to much stuff to just give it all up.

One thought on “Power of Themes

  1. There is so much that can be done with Superheroes, it’s not a theme I would give up easily either.
    I frequently use superhero traits and tropes as examples during class discussions and have given two different Psych assignments related to superheroes. 😀

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