The hustle of life is real.

Today, my 2 year old woke feeling unwell. He also didn’t sleep soundly.

My husband and I work separate shifts, with a slight overlap. This means our kid couldn’t go to daycare for me to pick him up. As a result, I left work early.

The hustle of getting sub plans set and prepped.

The hustle of getting home, despite the hoards of interstate and surface street traffic.

The hustle of attending a meeting and picking up my other son, in close succession.

The hustle of making dinner and helping with homework.

The hustle of ensuring all kids are bathed and prepped for the following day.

The hustle is real.

Someday, I’m the master at the hustle. Other days, growth is needed.

Today, I conquered. *Cue “Do the Hustle” Song*

One thought on “Hustle

  1. Phew! The hustle IS real, especially when you add kids to the mix. We can only hope to master one day at a time! I loved reading this and the way the repetition of “the hustle” added to the frantic energy that comes with everyday life. (Now that song is in my head!)


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