Too Many Chapsticks?

The following is a list of locations where I house the variety of Chapstick that I own. (When I say Chaptstick, I mean EOS, Softlips, Burt’s Bees, Chapstick and a few others I can’t remember at the moment.)

*Coat pocket


*School supply caddy (one at home and at school)

*Center console of car

*Cosmetic bag


*Husband’s center console of car

*Key basket

*Toiletry organizer

*Pocket of current pant being worn


Maybe that’s it?

Worst part of my Chaptstick hoarding? I can NEVER find one I need, when I need it, where it’s supposed to be. What’s even worse? When I find them in the washing machine or dryer! Quick question about that, if it’s in tact after being washed and dried, can I still use it? (Asking for a friend.) 🙂

5 thoughts on “Too Many Chapsticks?

  1. while I can’t relate to quite all of them, I do love my Carmex. One is in my pocket at all times fall and winter. Right now I have six in my desk drawer just waiting to be misplaced. And yes, washed and dried – you’re good to go.


  2. Brian Rozinsky

    I’m simultaneously amused & chagrined by your comprehensive list. In matters of mislaid balms, you do so much more than just — wait for it! — pay lip service 😉

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