Out of Staples

I was standing at the top of a ladder, changing out a bulletin board, when suddenly I run out of staples.

Why does it always seem to happen that way? I seem to run out at the most inconvenient time.

So I carefully climb down, taking one step at a time (remembering Slip, Trip, Fall Prevention training), replenish the empty magazine, climb back up, and resume my task. Then my letters and the stack of student work somehow manages to call upon the force of gravity and plop down to the floor below.

After cleaning the mess and taming the chaos, I’m giving it another go when a student walks in and needs my help.

I decided at that point it wasn’t meant to be today and threw up the white flag. I’ll give it another go on Monday, if I can find the ladder. But THAT’S another story of it’s own!

2 thoughts on “Out of Staples

  1. Like a series of unfortunate events, this slice builds toward the chaos it must have felt. Glad that you took the message in stride and resigned yourself to come back later. I am intrigued by the ladder “story for another day.”


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