Joy of Family

Today we celebrated my nephew’s 2nd birthday!

My sister decorated with a basketball, March Madness theme. My favorite food, cheesecake with strawberry drizzle, made an appearance. I felt so super special when my Mummy gave me the first slice. There were pigs in a blanket, pizza, salad, chips with guacamole and salsa, brownies, Bundt cakes, and more! I felt so stuffed!

We had so many laughs tonight. I adored how the little “babies” played. Imagine a crew of five 1-3 year olds running around. They manage to get into everything, but it’s the cutest when they do, and they were all so happy! Then my older son was over the moon about spending time with his older cousin.

All in all, I’m very blessed to have had this time with everyone tonight. Life has been pretty busy lately, and this was a nice timeout with them.

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