Monday Lull

My mind wanders in a cycle of wanting to be home with my family, like a stay-at-home mom, back to wanting to be teaching my students in a classroom.

Over the summer or longer breaks, I can’t wait to return. I find ways to “sneak” into school so I can tinker around, update displays, plan, anything you name it.

Everyday, I can’t wait to rush home to my family. I count down the hours and minutes to when I can pick up my children and settle in for the night. I even hope to hit a good flow of afternoon traffic to expedite my commute to them.

What’s the deal with this?

Is it normal to feel the tug-o-war of teacher versus mom life?

I know learning independence and real-world skills is vital for children; I’m not hindering them through any of my actions. This is all what I’m internalizing!

How do you handle the dichotomy?

One thought on “Monday Lull

  1. Shaista

    It is, it is! It is absolutely normal to love your job enough to leave kids ebhind, but to love your kids even more, enough to want to leave in the middle of the day and rush back to them!


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