Surrendering to Giggles

My students have been somewhat goofy this week. Now I’m not opposed to a little fun and laughs, but it’s been quite excessive! Perhaps this is due to the recent full moon or the impending start of Spring Break in 3 days? Maybe something is in the water? I don’t know! Whatever the case, I surrendered today.

We were working on creating posters that displayed main idea and supporting details of a text. I didn’t realize it was so funny, especially since it was about the world not having enough freshwater to support everyone equally. So as I was walking through the groups, scoping out their work, I realized they were working AND having fun. The fun came when they were chatting with each other about experiences they’ve had with water. The fun came when brainstorming what to write and how to write while all figuring out ways to agree with each other. The fun came with illustrations that supported their poster’s content.

So as I monitored my kiddos today, I decided to just sit down for a moment and surrender. It was a pretty good decision, because once I decided to “go with it”, everything seemed okay. Funny how changing my tune to the situation suddenly makes everything just fine. Besides, I’d much rather be giggling than not.

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