Not Overslept

I jump out of bed knowing my alarm didn’t buzz waking me at the usual time. Oh no! I overslept!

I dash to the bathroom, turn on the shower, and begin setting up my cosmetics. I forgot to turn on the coffee pot!

Scurrying to the kitchen, I quickly press the “brew” button. I hear a loud and long beep. No water. I check the filter. Empty. Not a fresh coffee ground in sight. Didn’t I prep this last night?

I reach up into the cabinet for coffee grounds and a filter when I noticed my son’s lunchbox sitting on the counter. Why isn’t this in the fridge?

I pivot and spin a 180 to check the fridge for proof I did make our lunches. In mid spin, my glance caught sight of papers, books, and writing utensils noticeably spread across the table. Why did I not pack my backpack?

“What is going on?” I gritted through my teeth.

As if on cue, my husband emerges from the bedroom with a puzzled look on his face. “What’s going on? I heard a lot of noise.”

“I’m trying to get ready for school, but I apparently didn’t prep anything. I’m feeling overwhelmed!”

“That’s because today is Saturday and you’re on Spring Break.”

“Oh.” At hearing this, I turn off the shower water and go back to bed.

3 thoughts on “Not Overslept

  1. So so funny! THanks for sharing your muddled first day of Spring Break. This slice seems the perfect metaphor for the brain fog all teachers seems to be experiencing as we continue to try to juggle so so much. Just all your small details of all oyu do to just prep to get to work is long and involved and tiring. Rest well. You deserve this week!


  2. Knowing where this story was going didn’t make it any less enjoyable – it made it even better. How far would you go in the process before you realized? It’s a clever writing move now that I think about it; might be something I want to try as well! It creates a different kind of anticipation, where I’m in on it before you are. Neat. Enjoy spring break (if this is in fact the Saturday in question).


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