Rainbow Colors

Teachers at my school are very talented. They create some of the most awe inspiring things. One such thing is a pretty decently-size bulletin board that spans floor to ceiling and down part of a hallway. It features a chalk rainbow drawing flowing from a paintbrush and beautifully crafted letters.

Today, our school psychologist conducted lesson with my class about how to proactively be an upstander. Students then received a small slip of paper to write something they could do if faced with a situation. These slips were filled out by all students in grades K-5.

It wasn’t until after school today when I realized what all of the stapling was while spring parties were in full swing. It was the stapling of every kiddo’s slip under and over the rainbow. Every grade level was represented by a different color of the rainbow, too. (Oh, teachers are so clever!)

I wish I had thought to capture the final result. When I rounded the corner and set my sights on the wall, I was instantly overcome with sheer happiness. It was amazingly beautiful to see how the collaged slips were arranged. This was a great way to start my Spring Break, that’s for sure!

On a side note, my 9 year old’s favorite color happens to be rainbow. It’s been his favorite color since we started the Kindergarten first day of school photo with the template you complete sharing some of their favorites that year. You know, the one you put in a picture frame and they hold while sporting a super cute and cheesy smile. Well, it was only THIS year when I realized that I tend to prefer the combination of rainbow colors (they ARE so pretty together!) and even color-coded my lesson plans this way. Funny how things run full circle sometimes!

One thought on “Rainbow Colors

  1. Wow! What a beautiful rainbow, beautiful activity, and beautiful slice. I’m a rainbow fan as well – and now I feel like I need to somehow make a huge rainbow for one of my schools. The kids must love looking at that rainbow with all their words on it too.

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