Game Classics

I remember Solitaire from my childhood. Setting up the cards for a single player brought the sounds of shuffling and flicking stacks to the forefront of my memory. I’d play games over and over again. Some I’d win. Others not even close.

Feeling nostalgic, I found a Solitaire app and recently downloaded it. There is a bit of a twist though. For every round you win, there’s a chance to earn clovers and other random prizes that help rebuild an inherited home from the main storyline of the game. While I liked interacting with tangible cards, I appreciate the automatic portions from electronic game play. Auto shuffle. Added challenges, like spiders guarding cards. Enhancements like a vortex that blackholes 3 cards at random in your favor. I enjoy the creative components in modern games.

Another favorite childhood game was Oregon Trail. I know this was already computer-based, but I remember playing on a PC with a BIG monitor and fewer bits than Minecraft. Not quite sure the allure of a survival quest, but I recall really being into the hunting, reaching landmarks, choosing which fork in the river to travel, naming my headstones, or even fording the rivers. Maybe I liked the lack of predictability? You truly never knew if you were going to make it!

I know there are other classics. I just need to take another trip down memory lane for those.

One thought on “Game Classics

  1. Charlene Doland

    My (teen) students and I recently played an online version of Oregon Trail during a break. It was, of course, all the rage at one time, and since I had never played it, I was intrigued to find out what its attractions are. By today’s standards, it is probably considered pretty basic, but my students enjoyed it nonetheless!


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