Lacking Patience

For my entire life, I can remember truly struggling to wait. I experienced the typical can’t-wait-to-open-my-presents struggle when a little kid, but I didn’t out grow that tendency. If a package comes in the mail that should be placed under the tree, or nicely wrapped until my birthday, I can’t wait. It’s rather pathetic. I’m not going to divulge the details on how I sneak open gifts, rewrap them, then pretend I don’t know what they are until I’m really supposed to open them. Nope, not going to share anymore about that.

I’d also like to add I’m not over-the-top in flair or flamboyance about waiting. I just have a strong wish for things to be or to occur right away! You won’t find me tapping my foot or bouncing my legs. It’s more of an internal lack of patience.

Other areas I’m lacking patience, even into adulthood –

*The delivery of my children (37 weeks was long for me!)

*Departing for family vacations

*Driving from work to pick up my kids (I want to snap my fingers and be there already!)

*Releases of new video games, movies, and TV series seasons 2 and beyond

*Food cooling before consumption

*Friends and family members knowing and opening their gifts from me (I sometimes call and ask if they want to know ahead of time).

*Waiting in line

*Winning the lotto (I’m not alone on this one!)

I’m sure the list could continue, especially after I publish this, but nonetheless, this is definitely one of my areas of growth. Maybe one day I’ll grow up!

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