Lucky or Blessed?

I’ve been stressed over some health issues lately. I tend to be a worry wart and blow things way overboard, so keeping this in mind, I’m freaking out all week until my appointment.

Gathering the data needed to adequately asses my health was not fun. I don’t like being rolled into tubes that emit loud pitches and banging noises. Sometimes you just have breathe through it though. I did not press the button for help, so that’s a plus. Also adding, I had to get an injection, which I did not know about until arrival. Both techs were amazingly kind and understanding of my anxieties. Lucky or blessed?

Now to wait for the results. Typically takes 48 hours. It’s a Thursday. The results came back in 1 hour with very relieving results. Lucky or blessed?

Now to focus on one of my kids. Scheduling a new patient appointment puts us into August. It’s currently March. Waiting is torture! The scheduler got us in on a Sunday. Lucky or blessed?

I say lucky to each of these because think of the timing coordinated to get the right staff member or the right window open for test results to be processed or offices actually conducting business on Sundays!

I’m very blessed, and maybe lucky too, for all of the stars to align today.

I’m wishing lots of luck and blessings until our next Slice of Life challenge!

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