Monday Morning Commute

My drive into work was pretty uneventful, fortunately. Our snowy weather hasn’t rolled in, yet, and I had a pretty smooth ride. I did make one observation, though, which concerns the increase in morning commuters.

While I want to complain about slower people driving in the left lane, the slightly more challenging than usual merge that happened on the interstate ramp, or just the extra 5 minutes it took to get to work, I’m going to put this into perspective for myself and say this is a good thing.

This is a good thing because it shows people are returning to on-site work. This is a good thing because it shows we’re moving back to a direction in which we can mingle and interact with others again. This is a good thing because businesses are opening back up. This is a good thing because I get more of my students back in person. I know we’re not fully “back to normal” at this point, but my drive this morning was a good sign to me.

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Commute

  1. jumpofffindwings

    Any sign that shows life is a good one. I wonder if some people have turned away from the commute for the foreseeable future. Teachers—not so much. Tomorrow maybe you’ll optimistically allow seven extra minutes. Have a terrific Monday.


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