Duck Nachos 🦆

The most absolutely mouth-watering nachos in existence to all human kind happens to be duck nachos. No joke.

First off, have you ever had square tortilla chips? Talk about the most perfect way to scoop the nacho essence for consumption. Well actually, it’s a wonton chip, but that’s not super relevant to the whole platter.

Sprinkled over the chips is a medley of pulled duck, pickled jalapeños, smoked tomatoes, red onion, white beans, and avocado. Another layer of drizzled queso fresco brings all of these succulent and mouth-watering flavors to a taste bud explosion.

If you thought that it couldn’t get any better, this platter would not be complete without the sprig, or “micro”, of cilantro. It creates the most perfect blend fathomable!

I literally cannot have enough of these duck nachos, and cannot wait until my next visit with this most divine dish!


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