Frozen in a Bubble

Today I attended a birthday party with my son for a school friend.  It was total chaos!

Can you imagine children running and crawling all over a four-story play structure?  Then add in a mix of birthday singing, a random piano inspired from the movie Big, kid tractors crashing and bashing into each other, air guns catapulting balls around the room at adult targets, screams, cries, and laughter, all melded in with adult chatter.  Kind of crazy, right?

While this was enough to cause a headache, I managed to spy a most unique scene.  Relaxing with her head leaning back on one of the black leather couches was a woman.  Upon further investigation I noticed a sleeping baby on her stomach, carefully wrapped in a muslin blanket.  To me, it seemed like they were suspended in a bubble, impenetrable by the noise, chaos, or any other on-goings that blasted my ears.  I couldn’t help but think what a purely beautiful moment of mommy and baby bonding.  It was almost as if they were suspended in this perfect moment of time.

This just goes to show that there’s beauty in chaos, and peace in all the events occurring within the world.  What a great reminder to me on how to enjoy my own bubbles.



One thought on “Frozen in a Bubble

  1. mrsday75

    I had to sit a moment and think about this woman and her baby in the midst of the birthday party. I keep visualizing it as a photograph. Beauty in chaos. I may have to start looking a little harder for that

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