Throw a Meme at Me

I love social media for a wide range of reasons. My favorite one happens to be all the comedic relief in meme form that people post. With that, I couldn’t help but laugh so hard when I stumbled upon a Big Bird meme about trying to get through the work week. And since I’m such a great friend, I immediately passed it along to a handful of esteemed recipients.

Fast forward to lunch the following day –

My teacher friends and I are sitting around the table when the topic of that Big Bird meme comes up. Being somewhat of a goofball and slightly delusional on that Monday, I stood up, arms flailing at my side, and waddled around into the wall much like Big Bird with the blocks. We laughed so hard for such a long time that we had a potential choking scare! Tears were streaming down our faces, our abdominal muscles hurt, and we couldn’t even sit up straight. I love belly laughs! They are such a relief from a typically stressful career.

What’s one of your favorite memes? Post one in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Throw a Meme at Me

  1. Memes are interesting for a variety of reasons …. I don’t have a favorite but I do want to make sure folks know of the site Know Your Meme — some memes have undercurrents or backgrounds that we may not be aware of before sharing. Always good practice to look a meme up before using it.

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  2. mrsday75

    While I don’t have a favorite, I did have a student who created memes last year while he was in my creative writing class. They were pretty funny and he had quite a following.

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