T-Shirts Galore!

I recently sorted through the clothing items in my dresser drawers and discovered why I struggled to cram apparel within them.  It was due to the countless array of T-shirts I have collected from over the years, or rather, collected throughout my entire life.

I recall having T-shirts from elementary school where we all signed our names from the 5th grade graduating class.  I also remember that we had to sign two different shirts because someone wrote something “naughty” on the first signing round.

I have T-shirts from trips I’ve taken, and T-shirts from trips others have taken.  I have T-shirts from sporting events, universities, from contests, from events I’ve participated within, and T-shirts from the two districts I’ve worked for over the past 10 years.

I have T-shirts from gift baskets, from auctions, and T-shirts with long sleeves, T-shirts with sleeves cut off, T-shirts with 3/4 sleeves, and T-shirts I somehow inherited from others, probably after a sleepover.

When I tried to sort through which T-shirts to toss, I just couldn’t do it.  I felt a connection, or a memory attached to each one.  Each T-shirt reminded me of a loved one, a good time, or a treasured moment.  I guess I discovered that T-shirts are an item I tend to collect, and perhaps something that I’ll just hold onto forever.


8 thoughts on “T-Shirts Galore!

  1. It is fun to make those connections. I think my daughter is a hoarder- I remember fighting with her at softball tourneys because she “needed” another $20 shirt….Oh the money I see when I look at all those shirts now. She is graduating and I am going to make them into a blanket. I can’t wait! Maybe you could do the same with yours.

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  2. mrsday75

    I have a bunch too that I just can’t get rid of, but my husband is a first class hoarder. I think he hides some from me just so I don’t get after him for having too many. But like you, they have too many memories for him to get rid of them!

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  3. karenszymusiak

    My son is well into adulthood and still has a box packed away of old (but memorable) T-shirts. They mark the journey we are on. I am glad you are saving them.

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