Chess & Paint

Hey Dad,

So last night I felt slightly ambitious and started touching up troubled spots on the walls with paint. Adding a fresh coat sure does make a world of a difference!

Painting always reminds me of you. I believe this to be the case because of all the projects we did together. My favorite, and the one I still talk about to date, is the one where we rented scaffolding to paint the ceiling in your living room. That was such a fun project!

Also while painting, I watched The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. It’s about a female chess prodigy who rocked the chess industry. I believe you would have enjoyed such a series. Now while I’m not wicked talented in chess like she was, it did remind me of why I do enjoy playing it. I remember how we played chess during my younger days, how you gave me a special chess set of yours, and how I’ve used that same set to teach Camden. Chess does yield fond memories. 🙂

Thank you for always taking the time to show me how things work, and to teach me how to play.

With that, 2020 ends tonight. Prayers for a good 2021.

143. -CJ

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