Things I See

I struggled to find a topic for today’s slice, so I decided to generate a list of things I can see while laying on my couch.

Fuzzy blue blanket

Brown leather sofa

Wood grained coffee table with black metal legs shaped like trapezoids

Knitted coasters with brown bears, elk, and pines

Fake IKEA weeping plant of some sort in white glass vase

Toys, toys, and more toys – big plastic cars, smaller metal Hot Wheel cars, pink and purple Leap Frog laptop, stuffed Baby Einstein octopus, and a bottle of animal lotion for the pretend vet office

Six large and small gray woven baskets stuffed to the brim with more toys and a random collection of board books

TV, PS4, and other electronic cables draping from the back of the 2×4 black wooden entertainment center that also houses the gray baskets (I’m not fond of the visible cables)

Basket of unfolded clothes on the brown leather chair and a half ottoman in need of attention

White baby gate on hinges with secure lock

Closed blinds, blocking the dimming night sky and local dog walkers from glancing in

Now that I’ve listed quite a few visible items, I’ve come to realize we see so many things every second of every day, but I wonder how many of those seconds we actually stop to absorb it all? And then when we take it all in, are we carefully considering the even finer details? Colors, textures, patterns, scratches and dents, memories associated with each; what’s the story of every piece? It all goes through something before it ends up here, in front of me. I wonder, if these items could talk, what would they share?

One thought on “Things I See

  1. You wound up with a lot and your last paragraph wrapped all your great details, and the slice, up so succinctly and well. Thanks for sharing this, there’s a good chance I’m stealing this idea in the waning days as my well is certainly drying up!


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